Other Drinks, Pastries and Sandwiches


We also offer other drinks that are not on the menus. So long we have the ingredients, we can make them for you.

We are very flexible in customizing your drinks.

The drinks shown are in small sizes only. We have small (12 oz), Medium (16 oz), Large (20 oz), and Extra Large (24 oz). The Extra Large size is for iced and frozen drinks only.

Pastries and Sandwiches

A little hungry? We also offer some pastries, pre-made sandwiches, burritos, and cook-to-order Panini.


Other Services


Complimentary of up to 60Mbs wireless internet (Wi-Fi) with purchase.

Note: Please read our policy letters in regard to accessing our network. They are posted at each entrance.

Internet Cafe

Two paid Internet Cafe computers with headsets and webcams. Surf at break-neck speeds up to 60 Mbs!

Printing services from paid Internet Cafe computers.

We also offer wireless printing from your compatible mobile devices to include iPhones, iPads, and Androids.
Limited copy and FAX services.

Meeting/Study Areas

The "Cubby" is a room in our shop that can be reserved for group meetings. Please see one of our baristas or call to reserve. Patio seating available.

Internet Cafe

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View from the Cubby

The Cubby